Monday, 14 February 2011

Eventful day, but not for me...

So it's always good to get a phone call from your sister telling you that she lost her virginity... Yeah, was a bit of a shock to me too, I mean, I know that she is 16, nearly 17 and in a relationship, but still.
It just reminded me of how old I am and how old they are. They're not my little sisters anymore, well they are but just not that little. I guess I have to kind of accept that and get on with it. Learn how to be a good big sister, but more than that now, I have to be a best friend. I never had that when I was their age and made a lot of mistakes. I know that obviously they have to make the same mistakes otherwise they will never learn but at least I will be there to pick up the pieces (and kick the guys head in if need be). Stupid situations that I know every girl will have been in at least once, like having unprotected sex, being in an awful relationship and getting dumped. All of this I have been through and now they will go through it. I don't want them to get hurt but on the other hand it has helped to make me who I am now :)
Well this really wasn't what I thought I would be writing about tonight. I expected to amble through some crap about getting my room finished and having an interview tomorrow. But this caught me so off guard that it was impossible to ignore it.
So now that's done, onwards and upwards. I do have a job interview tomorrow in T-Wells, that's where the action is I hear. It's at 2:30 so I need to leave the house by 12pm. I have to catch one bus and a train.. ah well. Such is life without a car :/
Peace out x

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