Sunday, 13 February 2011

I don't think D.I.Y is for me

So I thought that,as I will be here for a while (4months), I'll decorate my bedroom. My brother Matt had stupidly decorated it before me and my dad had let him do it himself. Now one thing you may need to know is the my brother is an IMBICILE...and I don't use the term lightly. He painted one wall BRIGHT ORANGE and the rest a manky cream colour. It would have been ok if he hadn't done the shoddiest job ever.
So I am now left trying to cover up this disgusting colour with white. I then need to decide whether I actually want to cover one wall with paper or just use three canvasses covered in the paper. I may decide to use the canvasses as it's cheaper and, lets face it, cheaper.
The paper is gorgeous. It's bright and flowery but not childish. It uses light pastel colours which will match my patchwork duvet that I bought myself when I was at Uni.
Not only that but I have a baby blue bed frame that will match and a white washed chest of drawers (that I put together myself :)) It's all coming together and hopefully will soon be appreciated if ya know what I mean ;)
Peace out x

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